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Kirren comes from a psychology background, researching the relationship between language and emotion with her BSc dissertation project titled 'The Auditory Emotional Stroop in Punjabi-English Bilinguals'.

Whilst studying psychology academically, Kirren has continued to explore her artistic interests by providing art and crafts activities in both educational and therapeutic settings. Kirren is also illustrating a children's book- so when she's not writing about empirical aesthetics, you'll often find her drawing lemurs and dinosaurs!

Bridging the gap between the arts and psychology, Kirren was part of the first cohort of neuroaestheticians to study aesthetics from a scientific perspective at Goldsmiths University of London, and also helped in the creation of this website.

As part of this 'PANC' course, Kirren explored whether the naturalness of perceived movement contributes to aesthetic experience in graffiti art. The findings of her research project, titled 'Towards Embodied Aesthetics of Graffiti: Inferring the Naturalness of Artistic Movement', were presented at the VSAC 2019 conference in Leuven.

Keep up to date with Kirren's endeavours...

Twitter: @kirrenchana

Instagram: @kirrenart

Email: (happy to answer any questions!)

Kirren Chana

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